What shows did you watch in the morning before you went to school when you were younger?

I used to love watching PepperAnn, the Wiggles, Chugginton, the Shanna Show (no one remembers that show) & Choo Choo Soul.


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  • not gonna lie. I watched dragons tails all the way up till I was 15 almost every morning. I watched it as a kid and I was usually the first one done getting ready in the morning. so I just put it to that and watched it.

    • There's nothing wrong with that. I used to watch these shows in high school. Dragon tails, dragon tails, you have me singing that now.

    • hope it brought back happy memories.

    • My first MHO!!! thanks!

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  • Hammy the Hamster
    The Crocodile Hunter

    • Thanks for MH :)

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What Guys Said 2

  • Shin Chan. Best. Show. Ever. I loved that show as a kid, hell, if I could still watch it, I would.
    Every kid in Spain watched it... not the most adequate show for kids but ehh who cares, it was hilarious xD

    I also watched Dragon Ball when they didn't air Shin Chan.

    • I liked Shin Chan. I forgot about that show

  • Yo! PepperAnn!!! :D
    I watched the Animaniacs and some Sesame Street

    • You used to watch PepperAnn? lol

    • lol yeah I didn't have cable half my childhood so I made do but it was cool though

What Girls Said 1

  • We didn't really watch tv in the mornings before school, my mom always had the news on. But I did watch Teen Titans in the morning when that used to be on tv.


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