Anybody like cello?

I got some good cello music for trade


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  • O_O

    whatcha got?

    Some more cello, some mixed:
    Vitamin String Quartet.
    The Cinematic Orchestra.
    We Inherit the Moon.
    Olafur Arnalds.

    This is a nice collection I found. But it's not restricted to cello.

    Have you heard Nuttin But Stringz? Nice hip hop twist with violins.
    Apocalyptica's 'I Don't Care' has awesome cello, but real depressing lyrics.

    • oh man i love the cinematic, orchestra and olafur arnalds, need to look into those other groups, look into takenobu and break of reality, they're pretty unique

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    • I'm into a lot depending on my mood.

      Can you get nastier than this?

      I think Olafur is one guy I'm literally willing to die for. His music is orgasmic! And now Nils Frahm joins him, and makes that a fuckin orgyfest! They just made love in front of the whole friggin world!

    • Wow thats fucking good, they put so much emotion into it. i love nils frahm, first song i've heard of his was remix of "and it's alright," its just so calm

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  • That is good music normally when listening to classical instrumentals I tend towards the piano, violin or guitar but that guy was good, I must investigate him more.


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