Has anyone here ever watched Beast Wars: Transformers?

Do any of you here remember watching this CGI Animated TV show that served as a sequel to the original 1980s Transformers cartoons way back in the mid-90s?

If you do remember that you watched this then what did you think of it?


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  • Great episode. Dinobot was my favorite, especially the episode where he died.

    Dude straight up charged through like every single Predacon (even caught Megatron off guard) and save the day. Great character and sad death scene.

    • Yes indeed. In the episode known as "Code of Hero", Dinobot redeems himself for giving back Megatron the Golden Disk and betraying the Maximals by making the ultimate sacrifice to stop the Predacons from completely exterminating all of humanity's ancestors in a valley entirely by himself WITHOUT backup of any kind as the Maximals would not have reached the valley in time. He intervened knowingly that it would be a suicide mission and he succeeded without any regrets.

      He is more or less like the samurai, live by the sword and die by the sword.

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  • Lol I remember thinking the cgi looked amazing then I went to watch it again not to long ago and oh god it looked so horrible

    • If you compare it with today's standards and technology available then it is obvious why it does not look "amazing" to you now. They are given limited budget for an Animated TV show so they could only work with what they have and what was available at the time.

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