Do you think that “Supernatural” has overstayed its welcome?

It’s in its 11th season and has become more focused on God and his absence in light of recent events (in the show I mean, although this parallels real life in a way). Do you feel that it has become too religious? For one, the writers are asserting that there is a God. Secondly, will the writer’s actually give a reason/explanation for God’s absence?


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  • I think so. I used to love it but it got too drawn out and dull and I don't really watch it anymore. I don't think the issue is with religion, I think it's interesting to explore that, but I think that the show is definitely a kind of a 'we'll stop producing this when it stops spitting out money' kinda thing.

    • That's just the problem because it's a show business and money will ALWAYS be the ultimate deciding factor on whether a show will continue and be renewed or if they get cancelled. Happens with Hollywood and movies frequently. Especially horror movies like "slashers", as I noticed that they almost always get sequel after sequel after sequel. Sometimes even prequel after prequel or even reboots and remakes or spin-offs. If there was not much or no money to be made I doubt that would have ever happened. Look on the bright side, as long as this show is is still ongoing the actors continue to have a good job position and good income and as well as remain popular and recognized compared to if the show had ended sometime 2 or 3 years ago.

      I personally have no problems with seasons of SuperNatural beyond the first 5 since it's like most sequels they have to become harder each time. I just hope they get the Series Finale right and not completely fuck things up when the time comes though.

    • @JudgmentDay Supernatural could have ended on a high note after season 5. It lagged in places afterwards; I didn't find the introduction of Metatron and the word of god tablets that interesting. The men of letters was a cool idea though. I continue to watch the show as there's not much else on tv.

    • Everyone feels and thinks differently about post-Kripke SuperNatural. Some liked it others hated it. I thoughts Season 7 where the Winchesters battled Leviathans was interesting since it's something they have never fought before and they were really tough to beat since there were so many of them, and they were very intelligent and nearly indestructible. That and because they lost Bobby so that made things more difficult, plus Castiel had become a total mess but he was one of the most important allies that holds they key for the Winchesters to beat the Leviathans.

      But like I said it's different for everyone that have seen it. I personally hated Metatron for being such a total asshole. I was really hoping Dean would have a re-match and total wipe the floor with him. He really should have died by the end of Season 9. The Word Of God Tablets stopped being interesting ever since all the prophets have been killed off and all the more interesting information is now solely known by Metatron.

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