Why do veterans get treated badly in America?

How this started out is I watched a music video
Five finger death punch- wrong side of heaven
And it talked about basically how veterans are treated in america and that most end up homeless. So my question is why?
Being originally from russia, our veterans are treated with the highest of respect even though most fought in world war two and are still alive and such. If someone disrepects them literally you'll get beaten up for being rude to them. And they get a high Pention I think that's how you spell it. So they don't end up homeless at all

"Arms wide open I stand alone.
I'm no hero and I'm not made of stone.
Right or wrong
I can hardly kill
I'm on the wrong side of heaven
And the righteous side of hell"

From the song


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  • Maybe in the Vietnam era they do but I get treated like a king lol. I get my post 9/11 GI Bill. I get Basic housing allowance. I get the upmost respect in job interviews. Girls love it when I tell them I was in. Girlfriends parents always respect me. Guys in college look up to me and ask me for life advice. I get VA assistance. I get to register for my classes before everyone else.. I get bada$$ government discounted mortgages. Honestly I can't complain lol..

    Of course mental illness happens a lot when guys are getting out and I had a lot of trouble adjusting back to civilian life too. The VA offers so many services that will help you and assist you to get back on your feet when you get out. The guys that come out all fcked up are usually the ones that are too 'tough' to talk about their issues to a professional. The label of mental illness or PTSD is often off putting as well. That's why a lot of Marines stay away from going that route but it is really in their best interest.

    If you become homeless after getting your dd214 in todays generation you are either dealing with a strong mental illness that you should of handled as it approached or you are truly a shitbag and are not capable of wiping your own ass. We like to call those types of guys terminal lances in the Marines ahahah


    • Well you're one of the lucky ones then

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    • Haha you'd be appreciated even more 😂 plus there are facts in there that hit the feels ahh ok I won't spoil

    • I think you're right on. Semper Fi bro.

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  • It's in a lot of countries. They go fight a fight the gov sent them to, they fight the governments fight... fights the government wouldn't start if they personally were on the front line getting shot at. They only start these fights because somebody else will risk themselves for it. Even if the country is bombed, the leaders will have safe places to hide, while civilians get killed.
    Then after all that, it's left to charities to look after the soldiers. They come back without limbs, with mental health issues, and are left to rot or be taken care of by civilians.
    The government doesn't care at all, about their civilians or their fighters. This is why it happens. American soldiers have it better than soldiers in a lot of other countries still though.


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  • To be fair, I don't think Vets are mistreated here in the U. S. I think we have it better than in most countries. We have college money through the G. I. Bill, very low cost health care or free through the VA (no it's by no means the greatest, but better than nothing if you don't get health coverage via some other means) I've never been disrespected for serving. On the contrary. I've been given much praise. We have the G. I. Housing loan. A $0.0 down gaurenteed loan with low interest. I wouldn't be able to own a home without it. If you've been injured in the service get disability payments (although I will say they sure aren't as fair about that as they ought to be.) My hearing is fu*ked. I couldn't hear a bomb going off in this room. For his they want to give me only 10% of my disability claim. That's BS. That said how does a veteran from say China get treated? They probably get a congratulatory hand shake and a free pick ax to mine coal with and that's it. I think on the whole we're taken care of more than Vets in most countries. People thank me for my service. Sometimes I'm baffled by this. I did so willingly I wasn't drafted. I feel if you live in a free country and you love freedom and love your country how could you not serve? It should be automatic. How can you sit on your ass knowing people are fighting and dying to protect your freedom and not contribute? I've always been a sheep dog rather than a sheep anyway so it comes naturally to me.

    On that note, I know I'm going to draw a lot of fire for what I'm about to say. I know the rotten eggs and tomatoes are coming my way. All I ask is you read this all the way through before you take aim.

    I was taught in the military to overcome adversity. I was taught self reliance. I don't understand homeless Vets. They learned the same lessons. I've been shot at several times. I've watched people die several times. Pleasant? No. That said, you close ranks and carry on. You don't sit there feeling sorry for yourself. You damn sure don't drink and use drugs to the point of homelessness. I knew the risks full well when I signed on the doted line. No one put a gun to my head. The VA will actually give a place to live for homeless Vets and job search assistance. SC has a no homeless Verts program. Why aren't homeless Vets taking advantage of stuff like that? Why aren't they falling back on that mental toughness of overcoming adversity that was drilled into them? Sadly I would submit to you they don't want to.

    • Some vets go through a mental disorder after coming from combat. They get scarred at what they saw and are in constant paranoia. Not everyone has a strong mindset so you can't blame them

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    • It is for the younger ones. Because every boy when he turns 18 has to go serve in the military. For 3 years I think not sure
      The older veterans
      Who served in ww2
      I have no idea to be honest
      I'm pretty sure they did suffer
      But they got help so maybe they recovered quickly

    • What help did they get? Being sent to the gulag by Stalin. I'm pretty sure they didn't get help. It wasn't until WWI that PTSD formerly called Shell Shock was even beginning to be understood. Here in America a lot of Vets saw real serious prolonged combat. When they got home know what they did? Got drunk everyday and felt sorry for themselves and had temper explosions and blamed out of control behavior on it? No. They went right back to raising families and working in steal mills. Yeah, many suffered. Yeah sure many had night terrors and went through a lot. Still though it's not like what you see today. They dealt with it. They didn't ask people to feel sorry for them, ask for handouts, and tolerate their poor behavior. They dealt with it. Audy Murphy the most decorated combat Vet of WWII and all time (America) had it. He was on meds. Got hooked on his meds and locked himself in a hotel room for 2 weeks to get sober. That's having brass balls.

  • It's really an outrage that the people running our government right now haven't taken better care of our American veterans. The disgrace with the Veterans Administration health care system is terrible. Veterans have died waiting to get medical care. It should make every American angry and we should demand that our president do something to fix the problem.

    • It's true. Veterans should be the most important people to be honest because they risk their lives just for their country to be safe. Send them to russia haha they'll be treated and taken care of as soon as they come back from combat

    • I will give you that for sure. That who scandal was and is a disgrace and needs to be fixed the day before yesterday.

  • America has a very individualistic culture that frowns upon giving help to others and/or accepting help from others. In other words, it is viewed as more honorable for one to lift themselves out of their own problems than to accept help. That is not to say it is correct or that I agree with it entirely, but that is why America is the way it is and why many people remain homeless and/or without economic aid.

  • Because American politicians show how big their dicks are by getting us into senseless wars. All they care about is acting manly and aggressive. They don't think about the terrible misery and costs that extend way into the future as injured veterans try to return to civilian life.

  • i think it´s stupid anyway to respect veterans nowadays. because when was the last time america or pretty much every first world country fought for it´s existance? it´s all about ressources nowadays.

    also people know what they sign up for. nobody respects the dumpsterguys either for wadling through shit all day, because that´s what they are payed for. same goes for everybody, who chooses to join the army.

    • Russians don't forget the day world war two ended. You have to thank those people for the comfort you are living now
      And you must respect those soldiers even now who still fight for the comfort you are living. You go out there and risk your life so that everyone else is living happily
      The fact that you say they don't deserve respect is such a low thing to say

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    • Lol I'm not American soo

    • Was just getting at the fact that no country is without flaws. And war is never honorable.

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  • The Vietnam War is what started most of it. No one liked the war or how it was fought, so those who fought in it were looked down upon (even though many were forced to fight it). No one has really liked any of the wars that have happened since either.

  • Its just a song, not factual at all...

    • Lol have you seen the music video? It's targeted specifically on donations for Honley veterans

    • OMG i just realized i read all of the "veterans" as "vegetarians"... oops lol :P
      Then in that case yes it is sadly true, our vets are treated atrociously.

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