Can you get any more ORGASMIC than this? SHOW ME?

Have you EVER seen such a connection being made? They just had sex on the keyboard! As if Olafur Arnalds isn't orgasmic already, Nils Frahm just made it an orgyfest!!

Does anyone know of anything at par with this or challengingly better?
Fuckin live composition!! GAWD!

  • OMG! I wanna join their fuckfest!
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  • Da fackquack was this? I've heard better shitez!
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  • Umm... you're just being abnormally vulgar for a piece of music that was just... o-kay.
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  • O_o... o_O
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  • it reminds me of how people will tip toe up the stairs.

    really beautiful.

    • :))
      That's one trippy-prancy-tip-toe. hehe

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    • i knew i heard of Olafur before! he did the Broadchurch soundtrack... jesus christ. one of the best soundtracks ever.

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  • Gonna go anonymous here.

    I know you were probably just being funny and you didn't actually mean for anything you wrote to be taken seriously. But if you DID mean what you wrote, at all, you need to get a boyfriend who is sexually competent. Real, full-blown female orgasms exist on a plane many lightyears beyond the experience of listening to a couple white dudes noodling on keyboards in a YouTube video.

    • LMFAO
      Thanks for the life experience and phenomenal advice dude. And understanding female orgasms.
      "White dudes". Okay. Your call.

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