Can You Decode?

I have a secret talent (not so secret).

I taught myself self how to read and right in runes. Now I want to see if you can decode these lyrics. The title is written at the top but to prove you didn't cheat at the bottom is a little message you can post in your comment to prove you can decode.

I have given you you all the vowels, and four consonants.

Have fun!
(Also there is no C in the runic alphabet, so in the case that a word used C I use S in place)(I avoid words with CH sounds)

Can You Decode?


If you need to see the letters you've been given in their places. Here you go.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Title: "Man! I Feel Like A Woman"

    Let's go girls! Come on.
    I'm going out tonight
    I'm feelin' alright
    Gonna let it all hang out
    Wanna make some noise
    Really raise my voice
    Yeah, I wanna scream and shout
    No inhibitions-make no conditions
    Get a little outta line
    I ain't gonna act politically correct
    I only wanna have a good time

    Bottom Message: I am an honest person


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  • I cannot!.

  • That's a useful skill! lmao


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