What is that one movie you like but you know that it is really bad?

For me it is Commando. One of the stupidest movies you can see! I still love it and find it hilarious. It looks more like a comedy to me than an action movie. But the soundtrack is excellent. RIP James Horner! We already miss you!
What is that one movie you like but you know that it is really bad?


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  • Honestly?
    The Phantom Menace.
    Before you jump on me, yes, I KNOW.
    But imagine this, no baby Anakin (they find an older one to carry on the plot) no pod racing, no love story with Amidala, Neimoidians, and give Jar Jar the five seconds of screen time needed to guide them to the gungans.
    This gives you a great movie, and with some selective skipping of scenes, you can have that movie!

    • I love Neimodians.

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    • Never thought of that. But Kaminoans are still my favourites.

    • Good choice, they're pretty interesting, but they're kind of fucked up.
      I like the wookies.

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  • B movies are even better at this, I think that I would go with Vampires vs Zombies. :D


  • I liked "Showgirls" even though it got ripped apart by the critics - I think they could have developed the characters much more especially the possible romance within hatred between the old fading dancer and up coming dancer who was replacing her.

  • That one? Lol there's so many more than one. Lake placid, con air, boondock saints, face off, broken arrow, and yes, commando. They're all awesome though.

    • I think Con air is considered a good movie.

    • It's terrible and cheesy. John cusak won't even talk about it. Absolutely love the movie though

  • "Remember when I promised I'd kill you last?"
    "I lied!"


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