Can you smack talk your favorite musical genre? And can you praise your LEAST favorite genre?

Everyone has something bad to say about a genre they hate, but can you unbiasedly see the bad in your FAVORITE music genre? And can you unbiasedly see why some people love the music you hate?

Example: my favorite is electronica, I know a lot of it is very repetitive, it's probably easier to make music on a computer than it is to write lyrics, djs have their work cut out for them for live shows, less emotions than a song with sad lyrics,
my least favorite is country, but it's usually pretty relatable, emotional, some songs make you want to party and not care that you're country/"different than the average crowd" and it's usually always wholesome.
  • I am unbiased and can do this easy
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  • I am too biased and can't see other people's perspectives on things
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  • I listen to heavy metal while my husband listens to gospel music. Mine is dark and his is light if you will. Yea I can absolutely see the negatives in my choice of music!

    • Bash it right now!

    • Ok people see my taste in music as evil, satanic and crazy! I live in a tiny southern town oh the looks I get. Oh and I'm going straight to Hell no chance of salvation for me nope hell awaits me!

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