Better than the original?

This is a rock version of drag me down
Honestly better than the original in my opinion

And the men aren't too bad either 😉😉😉😉


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  • GG lets go listen to nickelback >.<

    • I like the old nickleback hahaha

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  • Yeah I prefer the rock version as well - As for the look of the guys, I suppose that is personal taste, you are into rock so are more likely to be partial to that look than the boy band look.

    • Every band I listen to is technically a boy band they just don't all sing hahah some on drums others on guitars

  • Can you post another pic of yourself hottie? Include ass

    And yes better than the original. Whatever you say

    • Wtf 😂😂😂

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    • When I show you my wallet you'll be forced to say yes

    • That's quite rude
      The last thing I want is your money
      Let alone your dick
      Piss off

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