Who here has played or currently still plays Mortal Kombat X?

If you have then what are your thoughts on that game? Like it? Hated it? A bit of both? Meh. Whatever?

It does not matter which version, but if you want to specify if you played the PC version, PS4 version or XBox One version or any of the combination of them.

If you have played it then do you have any favorite characters and variations specifically? Any characters you disliked or hated?

Any thoughts on any the new characters aside from the characters that are part of the original first couple of Mortal Kombat games?

What I meant specifically is for characters that are exclusive and newcomers to MKX such as Jacqui Briggs, Cassie Cage, Erron Black, Kotal Kahn, Kung Jin, Takeda, D'Vorah, Ferra/Torr and the guest characters such as Predator and Jason Voorhees?

I played it a few times at school myself since somebody had it on their laptop.

I thought it was really funny they would put in Jason and Predator in it. I also had a whole bunch of lulz messing around with Goro's spamming his unblockable moves since I'm a n00b at this game.


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  • Play station version. It was alright, the only thing is that it felt like every other mortal kombat game. One game that I am still into is injustice due to how different it was from a mortal Kombat title.


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  • I haven't played the new one unfortunately but I've heard it's good. I didn't even know they had new characters.

    Jason and Predator are in it? Shit I'ma have to look that up.

    • Alien will also be added in it soon. Next year that is. They modified the Alien to be a Hybrid of Tarkatan (Outworld's Wastelands Mutants such as Baraka) DNA.

    • Holy shit. MK wasn't playing with this game (no pun). They went full fatality on this game.

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