What Electronic Music do you like?

Anything under the Sun..

Electro, House (any kind), Drumstep, Dubstep, Glitch Hop/110BPM, Breaks, Trap, EDM.

What are you into? Share some music?

I like too many to list considering it's mainly what I listen to.


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  • Deep house, tropical house, tribal house, EDM, a bit of dubstep, big room, a bit of trance, minimal, psychedelic trance, trip hop, electro, synth pop, nintendocore, and many more lol

    Big room and deep house are one of my favorites, I also love psychedelic trance


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  • I love EDM thats at clubs and raves. not like the trance, dubstep video game-y music not so much

  • a lot of house, some trap... Hate most Dubstep with a passion.

    Really miss the Crystal Method, unless they are still around lol

    • They are I think :') You like the Chemical Brothers?

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    • Go is a awesome song!

    • It sure is!
      Talking about my baby by fatboy slim and Flower by Moby will always be two of my favorites.

  • Craftwerk!

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