Something I dont get about Frozen haters?

I know people have different opinions and if you dont like the movie, then it's fine with me. But what I dont get is why people bother commenting in a Frozen topic and if they truly hated the movie. Those haters would usually reply in an offensive tone to the topic. Some users who reply "I dont care". If they truly dont care, they shouldn't even be posting in it (Which is what I really dont get about). I have the whole "if i have nothing good to say, then i dont say anything at all" mentality. So if i were them i would just ignore the topic and dont post anything offensive. Those haters (95% of GAG users are pretty much like them) are asking to get downvoted in my opinion.

I'm probably in the minority but I didn't find the whole Frozen hype annoying one bit. Guessing i have a high tolerance to what most people find annoying. But I can never tolerate people being rude and nasty. Which those haters usually are.

I like the movie but i wouldn't say it's the best movie of all time. It's a good movie but no where near overrated. TBH, overratedness itself is overrated and not to mention very subjective.

by the way, you're free to criticise or disagree with my opinions AS LONG AS you're polite and give reasons to support your opinions. Thank you.

This is a legitimate question. To all those who are going to give me an irrelevant answer, know that I will not hesitate to downvote your opinion and i might report/block you if your opinions is too offensive.
but then again. This question doesn't really apply to Frozen only. It also applies to anything that is hated because of its ongoing popularity. Thught i would use Frozen as my example because the hate is getting to out of hand.


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  • Hmmmmm how to give a relevant answer...

    I'm struggling a bit...

    I guess because people are entitled to their opinion? And love it or hate it you have to admit that movie is incredibly over hyped.


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  • My only terms of reference is the song "Let It Go" - A great song but on the condition that I don't hear it overplayed.

    • okay. but in your opinion, do you find most new music just as overplayed? Like most modern rap songs, etc

    • Of course I agree with you but sometimes it is a pity when it is a song you like

    • Thanks for MHG

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  • All I can say is you are quite passionate and dedicated to write such a long text about Frozen haters :p Kudos

  • I'm not a Disney person, but the hate for their most successful movie of recent times, Frozen, is ridiculous. It is just another Disney animated adaption of a classic fairy tale, people. Nothing to freak out over. If there is one Disney movie that's bad, it's The Lion King. To be honest with you all, TLK is much more overrated, much worse, and much more controversial than this movie. I liked Frozen more than TLK tbh. I know how u feel asker.

  • never seen it. but the lion king will always be the best disney movie!


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