What do you think?

What do you think??
First time doing cupcake arrangement. I did a air force symbol what do you think
I am in a cake decorating class this was our first project


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  • They look tasty, not gonna lie.

    Piping is one of those things that takes repetition to get really good at, but you can definitely get there if you're passionate about it.

    I'd rearrange them on a big white platter and skip on making a symbol outta them. Your colors will pop more, and they'll just look better.

    P. S. Cookie Monster pic is added because... why not. LOL


    • Thanks n we were supposed to make something out of it so I just went with what was easiest to me

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  • It's not to bad. You did well for a first try. Maybe use baking paper instead of aluminium, consistency in icing the cupcakes is another one. Keep up the good work

    • Thanks I was running out of time to frost and next time I will try that

    • That's understandable, you just need to allow yourself a lot of time when it comes to baking :) but you did very well!

    • Thanks did it go my uncle he's in the airforce

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