Concerts filled with cigarette smoke... WHY?

Before going into details, I gotta add, that I'm a non-smoker and I REALLY hate cigarette smoke, makes me sick!! This year I've been to two Prodigy concerts and both were - in some degree - ruined by smokers in the crowd around me!!! There must have been some other people disturbed by fag smoke, but how could they stand it? My next question is why must people in huge crowd smoke? The burning fag may hurt other fans, or am I wrong? Why can't the smokers respect the non-smokers? I bet some of you must have same bad experiences. How can you deal with bunch of smokers in the crowd while you want you enjoy the concert of your REALLY beloved band?


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  • You just get over it. I have asthma but cigarette and weed smoke don't stop me from enjoying myself at concerts. You can either be bothered by it or have a good fucking time. Your choice

    • Thank you so much for your comment! Yeah, I know it's my choice, but I find it pretty hard to ignore it when at least 6 people smokes around me... and it was in a hall, that's why it was worse... Next time I try to ignore'em somehow.

    • I mean it sucks dude! The venues I go to are a decent size so usually I can maneuver my way away from them but it is what it is. You won't be able to stop it so you've just gotta tough it out haha

  • If it was indoors, is it not illegal to smoke


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