The greatest video game you've ever played. Better yet give me your top 5 or if you're a vet, top 10 is good too. So tell me?

My top 10 being
1) Half Life 2
2) Read Dead Redemption
3) Witcher 3
4) Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns Of Patriots
5) Final Fantasy VII
6) GTA series
7) Any Bethesda RPG (They are so same like)
8) Company Of Heroes
9) Planetscape Torment
10) The first Halo Trilogy.(The second one is so meh)


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  • 1) The witcher trilogy
    2) Gears of war trilogy
    3) Tenchu 3
    4) The sims 1
    5) Gta San Andreas
    6) Gta vice city
    7) H1z1
    8) Xcom: Enemy unknown
    9) Starwars the force unleashed
    10) Starwars battlefront 2

    • OH! I forgot Unleashed.
      I loved that game even if it wasn't critically acclaimed.

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    • The Wild Hunt more than makes up for one and two.

    • Lol nah the witcher 3 got a bit watered down but the gameplay is great

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  • These are ranked on how much I enjoyed them, not what I would call a better game.
    1) Halo series
    2) Mass Effect series
    3) Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
    4) KOTOR 1&2
    5) Ace Combat V: The Unsung War (Probably an odd choice but I LOVED that game)
    6) Star Wars Battlefront 2
    I'm running out of top games because I listed the series as one haha
    There are a lot of games I like, certainly more than I've listed here, but they're what come to mind first.

    • Oh and Dead Space 1, 2 was okay, three I can't even bring myself to finishz

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    • I felt like a got a full experience and never played any of the DLC.
      I'm sure those who did play them would say I missed half the games, but I don't feel like I missed them.
      DLC is starting to go a bit too far though, and it's not just EA doing it.

    • Played the latest battlefront? Its insulting. I paid 120$ for that crap.

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