Best earphone brands?

Again.. earphones not headphones.
I had my Samsung earphones and they were perfect. But now the right earbud doesn't work so i want to buy new earphones that last longer and provide high quality concentrated sound. Any suggestions?

My friend suggested Bose but they are expensive.. do you think this brand is worth the investment?


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  • Sennheiser!!! I have Sennheiser ones and the sound quality of them is extremely crisp, clean and clear. They produce all the treble, midrange and bass sounds perfectly. The bass does not overpower the other sounds either. Things like Sony, Beats etc are only focused on shifting units off the shelves. Sennheiser is about real quality. They are German and top quality. Sennheiser earphones have tough wires to so putting them in your bag or pocket will break the wires which is probably what has happened to your Samsung ones. Spend a bit of money on some Sennheiser ones, even if they seem expensive at the time they will last you forever. My Sennheiser earphones are now around 3 years old and working just as well as they did when new. Another example of Sennheiser quality headphones which are now 8 years old and still work as well as they did when I bought them new and also have perfect sound quality.

    • The reason I have Headphones and earbuds is I use my Sennheiser headphones at home and my Sennheiser earbuds when out in public.

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    • and your welcome. :)

    • Thank you for MHA.

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  • Really? I have Samsung and they still work perfect like in the beginning when i bought my phone. Bad luck i guess..

    • I don't know they usually work very well if you bought them with the phone that's why they're my favorite but this time the wires weren't good enough.. it was disappointing

  • I like the brand called gummie

  • Beats by dre is my brand


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