Spanish! Portuguese! 'Where can I download Portuguese and Spanish series?

Heyyy I need to brush up on both languages so I would like to know where I can download Portuguese and Spanish movies and series. Either from South America or Europe or Africa it doesn't matter, but preserving from South America. I like this one from Brazil or Portugal named I love paraisopolis. I don't have tv anymore so I'll have to download. Don't say YouTube. Your help would be highly appreciated.


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  • I know a Spanish series called "Gran Hotel" but I don't know where you can download it.
    But on this website you can find the Brazilian soap opera "I Love Paraisópolis" and other soap operas.

    The episodes are listed from the last to the first, so if you want to watch the first you have to go to the last page. And then click on "Assistir" and you can watch it.

    Here's the link:

    Just keep in mind that Brazilian Portuguese is different from European Portuguese.
    Feel free to ask me, if you need help.

    • Obrigada menina, I will have a look and let you know.

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    • I understand, it's late.
      So, don't forget to tell me tomorrow, please.
      Have a good night.

    • Sorry, the link I sent you doesn't work.

      This one works:

      Where it says: "Escolha o servidor desejado para assistir", click on "Assistir no VIDZI".

      There are only 23 episodes, but they will post more soon.

      And if you need some help, just ask me.

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  • Google. es and just search, using Spanish, for series?

    How about search "Los mejores series Espanolas"?

    • Hello Caitlyn lol

    • I know what I want I just don't know where to download it from.

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  • YOUTUBE! I AM GONNA SAY IT! Or go to the library! They have lots of dvds!

  • Sorry, no idea.

  • I love Parais√≥polis is from Brazil and it's not really a series but a soapopera. If you like it, chances are you're gonna enjoy pretty much any other soapoperas from Brazil.

    The only Brazilian series I liked was Capitu, which is based on a famous novel by Machado de Assis, here's a link to dowload it

    • Muito obrigado para tu ajuda!

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    • I checked capitu I. will download it. I searched for other Portuguese series / soap opera's on kick ass torrents. I
      Didn't find them. So is the link you gave me also from kickass torrents?

    • The one for Capitu? Yes. The other one is a just a list of soapoperas.
      You can try this one but I'm not sure it works, I've never downloaded anything from there.

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