Have you ever finished Dark Souls?

Dark Souls is a difficult game that requires dedication and determination to complete. I posses neither of those qualities, and have stonewalled at Quelaag on several playthroughs, as I lose the will to trudge through to swamp much more quickly than I did to face, for example, the Twin Gargoyles or the Gaping Dragon.
Are you possessed of the strong gaming material required to best this game?
  • Of course! Git gud scrub!
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  • I am possessed of the same foppish material as the asker and have never finished it.
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  • I have never attempted Dark Souls.
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  • I do not play video games at all.
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  • Nah I'd rather play games that have good game mechanics

    • Hey now, I may not have finished it but I enjoy it!
      It could be more streamlined, but whatever ;)

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    • Eh, so does head shotting grunts.

    • Enjoy those cinematic framerates 😘😉

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