**MAJOR SPOILERS INSIDE** What did you guys think about Star Wars?

I just got back from watching the movie and I thought it was great! Pretty much a 10/10, although if I were to name a gripe about the movie, I didn't really like the final fight.

I get that Rey is pretty powerful but, she's going against a Jedi who was formally trained by Luke Skywalker, there shouldn't have been anyway she was going to win that fight. I get that Kylo was injured by the blaster but still, she JUST discovered her powers and she pretty much crushed him. I suppose you canm ake the argument that Rey was already a fighter before she met Kylo I suppose.



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  • Dude I just saw the movie.. I LOVED IT!
    Unfortunately I know the Expanded Universe stuff which is now not canon and I predicted that Kylo was who he was. I know they're not following the EU but they borrowed some story line from it. The Han thing was hilarious because Harrison Ford never understood why the Star Wars franchise is as popular as it is so I was like HA! My only gripe about the movie was the fact that I thought they borrowed from past material too much. I get that it's a throwback in a sense and the fans love it but some of the story was something we are all used to.

    I predicted that Finn wasn't a Jedi even though every one of my friends was like "HEY HE HAS A LIGHTSABER!!!" I knew Rey was the Jedi because they released trading cards for the movie and her allegiance was to the Jedi Temple so it was kind of spoiled a few months ago. I'm still questing her parentage though.. I feel like she's very much connected to the Skywalker family. Her vision will get analyzed more during the sequel I think.

    I REALLY want the next film to focus on training. We have yet to see a Jedi train in a star wars film. Sure it's existed in video games and in novels but never in a movie to a serious degree. I want that Jedi Temple training and that growth as a character and I'm really thinking it's going to happen before Kylo and Rey face off in the sequel.

    Anyway super stoked for the sequel because I feel like it will be even better than the first. I felt like half of this movie was fleshing out new characters and now that we know those characters they can really focus on the interactions.

    • I think Kylo is going to be WAY more dangerous in the sequel. This is just a prediction but, since he's gotten rid of Han (which was a huge mental obstacle on his path to the dark side), and hopefully will be in full health when he squares off against Rey in the sequel, something tells me Rey is going to lose that fight, which should ultimately culminate into the third and final face off.

      Still though, I know people have said they predicated it, but I made sure to not see ANYTHING Star Wars related, and I was completely destroyed when Solo died. Part of me is still wondering though, when the culmination to that scene came out and the villain said "I want to be free of this pain, will you help me?", was it Kylo Ren the villain speaking, or was it Ben Solo the son? I have a bad feeling, I think Kylo won't go the path his grandfather was and I think they might legitimately make him too far gone for these trilogies.

    • Yeah the Han Solo dying was really a shock to me too. The Chewbacca scream as it happened was so powerful. I only thought it was ironic how Ford didn't like Star Wars afterwards. I thought it was interesting that in EU stories Luke had a son named Ben Skywalker and it was still Han's child who went dark side but he had a different name. It's interesting how they switched it. I also think Kylo will be way too far gone in the sequel. I think this was his only hope for redemption. I know Leia will want to go that route still.. It's going to be a powerful moment regardless.

      I'm still wondering if they will make Kylo the enemy in the final one or if it will be culminated in a huge battle in the second. There's still the supreme leader to worry about in the 3rd or maybe that will be settled in a later film.

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  • I watched it last night and honestly?

    They just copy-pasted the Return of the Jedi plot, put the old actors in, predictably made the story around the offsprings of the main characters and AGAIN casted a complete tosser to play the bad guy.

    You'd think Kylo Ren would be more stoic and have his shit together, but no. He was just as much of a little bitch angsty teen as Anakin, bonus the emo look. I was like "Yeah, badass antagonist!! That's what we want!", then he takes off his helmet and delivers nothing but disappointment.

    I mean, I enjoyed the movie and I was actually quite pleased with the female lead's acting as I was worried they may have picked yet another dumb pair of tits, but she was great!

    But yeah, the whole "bigger Death Star, let's blow it up exactly the same way we did it last time since bad guys don't learn from their mistakes" plot was a bit cheap, if you ask me. Disney were probably trying to be as careful as possible not to upset the fans by not deviating too much, lol.

    • A lot of people who are in the dark side do have an internal struggle though. He also didn't complete his training so he was similar to Vader. He basically worshipped the guy but he was younger and more fragile than Anakin. The light wasn't stomped out of him completely yet. That's a common transition from light to dark in Star Wars stories. It's a tortured process before they kill the person they once were and take on a new persona.

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    • @RedThread

      No, my point is that the actor choice is very poor. It could have been done SO much better. It's the current one's appearance and demeanour that just don't fit and you can't just unact how you look.

    • Ohhh I understand. My bad lol

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  • Well, Kylo wanted to take her alive.
    Also, did you see what that blaster could do through-out the movie? If anything, the blaster should have killed him no matter where it hit him.

    But I do feel your sentaments. He should have been able to overtake them both easily, as neither had training in the force.

  • Someone dies, and the movie is about the girl.


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