Is it weird that my theater director has me acting a monoluge that is about a girl and her miscarriage thats caused by her husband abusing her?

just curious!!


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  • Maybe on account of your age, but in general, no. If you're going to act, you are going to have to portray characters who are both good and bad. It's not about you and what you think, want, like, feel, but placing yourself in the mind/body/soul of the character you are trying to inhabit. S/he may just have been trying to get you to think outside of yourself and challenge you with some gritty material.

    • oh like i said i have no problems performing it and doing it in fact it is one of my fave monolouges ever. but i just it was weird since its an inschool performance

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  • It's not weird at all. Perhaps your Theatre director believes that you are mature enough and can take on this monologue. See this as an opportunity to show how well you can present this monologue. What a great challenge, I would do it.

  • You gotta do what you gotta do.

    • not complaingin I've done weirder things at younger ages and its such a pretty piece but i felt really weird when he said i was doing that one

  • For a high schooler that seems unnecessarily and oddly mature.

    • thats wha i thought but it is a challenging piece and i have been performing specifially acting since i was 3 and he knows that but im not sure i thought it was odd

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