Eurodance Battle: What's your favorite Eurodance artist (Round XXI)?

Army Of Lovers i guess... but Aqua were really nice actually... they weren't only "Barbie Girl" they had some other good songs too like "My Oh My" and "Dr. Jones"... which were hits back then yet not so big as Barbie...

  • Alice Deejay
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  • Amber
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  • Tina Ann
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  • Antares
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  • Antique
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  • Aqua
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  • Army Of Lovers
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Alice Deejay and Aqua won...


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  • Tough poll indeed, I guess Alice Deejay, but you're right, Aqua is great too, as well as Antique and Amber.

  • Alice Deejay man, she's my favorite female Dj ;)

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