What scary movie is it?

so along time ago i watched this scary movie and i dont remember everything but i remember one scene where people are driving and they stop because there is a little girl sitting on the road... i suppose its scary but if u know a movie with rhis scene... just tell me!

also i remember this other one that i try so hard to find but i can't and i remember this one more
so as she's decorating for Christmas at the top of the stairs a little boy gets his big toy truck and goes towards her making her fall from the stairs... another scene from that movie is that she's at the hospital and someone with short hair comes to visit her with the child waiting outside.. the lady that visited held one hand and started pressing a button to kill her somehow.. the women in the hospital bed started panicking but then died
and at that moment the little boy asked something and they just walked away together


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  • First one is orphan or something

    • i watched orphan... its not orphan
      thanks for ur answer though
      for a minute i thought it was orphan lol

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