What can I do to improve my turns and flexibilty?

I have been dancing for 4 years (so not that long.) I want to get better. I know one way to get better is to be more flexible and turn better. As far as splits go. I have my left and right (I m a leftie). My center is really close. I probably am a few inches off the ground. My turns are complete garbage 😂. My pirouettes can range from 1-3 (3 on a really, really good turning day). I also have a turning board so it kinda helps me. My a la secondes are garbage (I just learned how to do them about a month ago). Don t get me started on the other ones out there. I don t have them. I m not expecting to be the best turner or the most flexible person in the world, but there is always room for improvement. What stretches/exercises can I do to make my turns and flexibilty better. I have a showcase in May and I really wanna wow the audience and myself.


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  • I don't know much about dancing but I think yoga would be good. Oh, there's also a hybrid exercise called yoga dance. Here's one practice. Unfortunately it's not in English but you could follow along on mute. Also, search up yoga dance on youtube; there are other shorter videos you may find helpful.



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