Gaming: GTA Online, is the Megalodon Shark Cash Card worth the $100?

I'm about to hit 2 mil. But I'm getting lazy and don't want to do heists all the time, I've been doing missions, getting paid around 7-17k on them, while doing them alone (I Like doing missions alone, I'm weird). I can't do heists all the time, not all of my friends are always online and when they're online, there's not enough for a heist. I know I'm gonna need more money than just 10 mil but still. Is it worht is?


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  • No.. don't buy it..
    I play GTA.. I earned $600k today doing the jobs for the VIP. Because they're so rich they share their take with me too.

    The bank heist pays well, plus you get 20k per set up.

    I'm like the best Bodyguard lmao (don't mean to boast) but when I'm with them they never die lool.

    • Last week I did my last heist (Pacific Standard Job), I glitched out I think before I got the "Passed" screen and I didn't receive my 600K. Thankfully, I put in a ticket at Rockstar and a day later they gave me my money plus 100K. I should probably mention this was the night before the newest update happened, so everyone was having issues lol. I wanna buy a yacht so bad lol

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    • I just go around killing everyone.. 😂
      Dw, I'll protect you lmao

    • I kill my low level friends lolololol, trying to get that Kd up lmao

  • if you don't somebody will work hard enough for that $100

    • I just wanna know if it's worth it lol, I have the money for it, just unsure.

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