A Longing For A Song?

I've had such a burning for music that turns me on. I want the feeling I get from classic tunes but I want a new artist to compose it. It doesn't have to sound the same as yesteryear's stuff for me, it just has to reach me. I'll probably piss off some people for asking this. I'd love to fast forward time to an era of fulfilling songs. Blast away if you want, but I can barely contain this desire tonight. Have a Merry Christmas by the way...


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  • So... maybe like people who miss the folksiness and purity of a James Taylor tune, but with a modern twist? We don't really have that, I'm afraid.

    "Fulfilling songs" are tough to find these days. Maybe try Adele, I don't know. I've heard she's the bee's knees but I'm not exactly the arbiter of new music. :)


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  • Leon Bridges. He is 26, but his songs are the 60's type, it's refreshing away from all this new crap.

  • Sounds like a good yearning to me - I don't see how it could upset people


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