Do you think we really should be picking on Steve Harvey for making an honest mistake?

I mean to me he just made a honest mistake. Why drag on about it, things happen. So what if he got a name mixed up and called the wrong name.


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  • Shit happens, I'm not going to kill the guy for it. I felt terrible for Miss Colombia an I'm sure he feels even worse. I think he's a real funny guy and arguably the best Family Feud host to date, although I thought his comment about non-religious people having no moral compass was a little out there, but other than that, I have no issue with the guy. But when you fuck up on something with that kind of exposure, you're going to have to weather a little bit of a beating. Just gotta keep it in perspective, it was a dumb but honest mistake. He's controlling it the best he can, but the internet will always have something to say these days.


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  • He made a huge mistake, but people make worse mistakes, and he didn't do it out of malice. Yes, the runner up was hurt. But I think she will move on shortly. And we shouldn't hold grudges about something like this.


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