I am new in tango and I have a question about the role of the leader?

Does a leader need to sign the follower what is to be done or is the leader more dominant and does he make the follower do what is to be done?


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  • i always thought they are just different steps and the bigger one lifts. i didn't think it had anything to do with actually leading. i mean art dances pretty much planned and choreographed so everyone knows what they are doing in advance?

    • Tango can be choreographed for show but it can be also improvized. When improvized leader signals so that the follower knows what to do.

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    • hmm, good point ill try both.

      so say the leader signals then 'follow' moves but then doesn't the 'leader' react to the follower as well? is the leader arbitrarily making moves or is there any reaction to the other person?

    • well, i am new in tango so I'm not sure how to respond but it takes two to dance therefore the reaction is inevitable, yet generally the leader decides the moves

  • you mean show the follower?

    the leader will guide the direction of the follower across the floor
    the follower has her own steps to follow too
    but the few times i danced it, i've noticed the leader will signal with his feet what should be done next

    • Through my experience I notice'd that while some of the leaders' signals are weak some of the leaders' signals are stronger and you move without thinking. I am curious about which is better.

    • i think it's just a sign of experience
      for a beginner, learning from someone more advanced is better

  • I'm thinking about taking a dance class at my school, it wouldn't be for credit since I don't need the credit but, yeah, I'm thinking about it, do you think I should?


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