Star Wars fan, how do you rate the new Star Wars movie and how do you like the movie?


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  • It was a great movie and overall a great experience. Just one complaint; it felt too similar to the new hope.

    • Rey is a very pretty chick and brave. I like the robots. I like how The older Hans Solo reacted when he saw the older Princess Leia arriving.

    • I'm very happy we have a female heroine, possibly a new Jedi. Can't wait until the next one

  • 5/5... Except I don't like the names of the new charatass. Rey isn't very star warshy.

    • I am sure you are very infatuated with her. The guys in the theater were whistling at her whenever she is more intimate with the African American Star Wars character.

    • Haha you guessed it right. I kept thinking how pretty the actress plaing the role was. Oh John Boyega isn't African American. He's a Brit lol

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