What does the meme "You become a wizard at age 30 (virgin) mean"?

Today I am a 30 year old virgin. I was just wondering what it means. I am unsure. Thanks.


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  • It means that you have your life priorities all wrong. Congratulations, you've just wasted the prime of your life on shit that doesn't matter.

    • So puss matters? I could fuck a new women every day if I wanted. Anything truly worth doing takes a decade.

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    • If you think about it, everything in life boils down to just sex and food.

      As men, we have two sexual primes - a physical sexual prime where our body is functioning at it's peak, and our experience sexual prime where we've mastered the techniques. By staying a virgin for so long, you've completely wasted your physical sexual prime and left your experience prime completely undeveloped.

      In other words, the longer you wait, the higher the probability that you will never experience the most pleasurable experience that your body is capable of naturally. And what is more important in life if not to experience these kind of experiences?

    • hm.. well it's not like it is against my will.

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  • Congratulations! Welcome to the club. I think wizard could imply wisdom or intelligence but I could be wrong.

    Or it could be something relevant to dice rolling tabletop miniatures type of stuff like Dungeons and Dragons.

  • Happy Birthday! It means your "magic wand" can do real magic. It kept you a virgin for 30 years, and that's pretty magical.

  • I don't know a nerd, geek reference to fantasy fiction that nerds, geeks like.


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