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"Sweet Poison"

Sugar syrup with an extract of red
Carefully formulated, so carefully
No need to be lonely, walking a straight line

Have a free taste of syrup next time you pass by
It's an extract of liberty; don't you feel you could fly?
There were other choices, thanks for choosing mine
But you're standing here - over there's the end of the line

The shoes you wear seem to match the style
Your foot's in the door, let's capture that smile
The flag waves high on a picture-perfect day
You could just fly if you saw it that way

We've patented our product in a small white box
Mix it with a little water on the rocks
Take it home in a plastic bag in your shiny car
Our franchises are many so you don't have to drive far

Come and see what the buzz is all about
We're all over the media, listen to the crowd shout
You look alive seeing it our way...
As you slowly die


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  • Anti depressants?

    • Interesting take. I had no intentions of anything specific while writing, it's more of a universal message.

  • Shit is fucking terrible.

    • Any juicy details you want to share? If not, it's ok.

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    • Thanks. You just inspired more lyrics.

    • If you ask me, I'd bet you're a writer... dare I say possibly a good one? You're not hiding from me.

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