Like old school game graphics?

I like sometimes to look at a place in a game, especially other Zelda games, and copy+paste the graphics from the old Game Boy Color LoZ games to determine what the place would look like if it was in one of those games by puzzling the copies together.

Here's an example:

I have all of Link's Awakening graphics, and a lot from the Oracle games. (All have the same style, but with some differences.) I'll always love those three games.
Right now I'm thinking of trying Clock Town from Majora's Mask, but I'd have to design the Clock Tower myself. That'd be quite a challenge.

What do you think of the general idea? Sound fun to see, or just boring or weird or something?


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  • I still play and love the old pokemon games. It's probably the nostalgia that bring me back. #GameBoy4Lyfe

    • Cool. 😊
      Remember MissingNO? 😉

      What do you think about my idea, though? Turning other games into GBC Zelda style, me being an uber huge Zelda fan? 🙂

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