Thoughts on Pentatonix?

What do you think of the group Pentatonix?
If you have never heard of them they are an a capella group who have done many popular but also produce several originals. If you need more information look them up.


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  • I like them doing their own thing (dark haired guy and youtube famous guy) is great. But I'm not a fan of the group as a whole.

    • Which dark haired guy

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    • Does Todrik pop in at times for fun and leave? I saw him do the Starbucks thing. And I like Mitch and Scott's youtube show about broadway rap

    • Yea todrick does pop up sometimes but he's not part of the group. And Mitch is amazing I agree.

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  • Really good - I googled and watched cover of "Rather Be" - Better than original


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