Eurodance Battle Who's your favorite Eurodance artist (Round XVI)?

La Cream and CJBT even if they were kinda underrated... but Swedish artists were really good at dat genre... but i'll go wid La Cream...

Oh and Corona of course...
  • Clock
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  • Colonia
    Vote B
  • Cool James and Black Teacher
    Vote C
  • Corona
    Vote D
  • Tina Cousins
    Vote E
  • Crazy Frog
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  • La Cream
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y lately i do mess around ma rounds... it's round XXVI not XVI... sorry...
Colonia won...


Most Helpful Girls

  • Corona, followed by La Cream, hmm, Colonia is nice as well.

    • @genderwars Do we know each other or what? :P

    • @genderwars WTF? y ever retard must come to ma polls?

    • @genderwars LOL, what's so important? You could have asked me in the comment, I hope it's not some perverted question...

Most Helpful Guys

  • Damn, this one is tough, ok... Colonia is our Croatian band, but I kinda prefer Tina Cousins and Corona, but I'll vote for Tina, I especially liked her videos feat Sash!


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  • I like Colonia and Tina Cousins... and yeah, Corona of course ;)


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