Attention Metalheads: Which do you prefer, the high-pitched, shrill screams of black metal, or the deep, guttural screams of death metal?

  • Black Metal screams: high pitched and shrill
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  • Death Metal screams: deep and guttural
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  • Depends on the genre and song-making process what fits better. I am not too much into black metal, but I have quite a few genre-jumping songs which involved black metal screams on top of different kind of metal-music and it definitely had it's appeal. Same goes for the guttural ones.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Of course deep... MUCH more pleasant to hear - and more haunting in a manner. =)

    • P. S.
      Mostly just emo kids love the high pitched Slipknot thing... o. O

  • Most definitely death metal screams👌


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