How much do you think a video game like Star Wars Battlefront (PS4/Xbox One) should be worth for all it's currently offering?

I honestly think $60 is a huge rip-off for a game that only offers strictly multiplayer modes online and offline and no single player modes at all and on top of that, we have to pay another $50 just for the Season Pass to get only more maps and more weapons, still no single player modes. I'd rather stick to the older Star Wars Battlefront games that were originally on the PS2/Original Xbox. Fuck you EA, you greedy bastards.

How much do you think a video game like Star Wars Battlefront(PS4/Xbox One) should be worth for all it's currently offering?

  • It's current full price, $60
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  • $55-50
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  • $49-40
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  • $39-30
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  • $29-20
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  • $19-10
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  • Either less than $10 or free-to-play.
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  • It's worth what the market will bear, like everything else. If the product is successful, it's obviously worth the cost.

    Personally, I can't stand multiplayer-only games so I wouldn't bother with Battlefront. But I guarantee you could sell CoD without a campaign for $60. Hell, you could probably sell it for $80. It's the addiction factor; people get so hooked on online multiplayer - as they do with MMOs since the days of EverQuest - you can get away with charging almost whatever you want. Why do you think Activision can keep charging $50 for the Season Passes, and the only thing those Passes consist of is new maps? People pay for it in droves.

  • Probably around $20

    I recently got a digital Witcher 3 on sale for $25 so I think it's a ripoff that a purely online game is worth $60.

  • Anything more than $20 for a game with such bare bones content is day light robbery and it never ceases to amaze me just how stupid video gamers are with their money.


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