Hey GAG community! Which game should me and @HookingSwan watch?

Take your pick between Rom-Coms, Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. It's up to you now!!
Which movie*! My bad!


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  • Now since @HookingSwan says you girls aren't into horror and stuff, I'd opt Lord of the Rings out though it's not really Horror genre but the Orcs and stuff are similar.

    I'd say go in for Rom Com or Harry Potter :) they go easy on the mind. At your age guess you'll enjoy Rom Com more :D

    You can watch (not all Rom Coms though)
    1. When Harry Met Sally
    2. How to lose a guy in 10 days
    3. Love Actually
    4. Kate and Leopold (my favorite <3)
    5. Blended (AWESOME)
    6. The House Bunny
    7. American Pie
    8. Just go with it
    9. She's all that
    10. Bridesmaids
    11. The Devil wears Prada
    12. The girl next door
    13. No strings attached
    14. Enchanted
    15. 27 Dresses
    16. The ugly truth
    17. The Godfather (sequels) - not a light hearted movie though
    18. Silver Linings Playbook
    19. Meet the Parents / Meet the Fockers / Little Fockers (awesome ones)
    20. Last Vegas (a must watch)


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  • Rom-coms (romantic comedy)? If so, I find those, well some of them.. good.
    Although I prefer romantic drama. Nothing wrong with a round of lotr/HP though. ^.^

    • any tips on romantic drama?

      hope it isn't something like Weathering Heights though :D

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    • 1 Litre of Tears seems promising :)

      @Apple24 you were asking me about japanese movies. here you have

    • @HookingSwan Thanks!

  • When you say Rom-Coms are you talking about Romantic Comedies? If so, I think you guys should a movie like that.

    • Yeah! I agree, I am reaaally leaning towards something romantic and funny, it is the best combination after all!

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    • we can watch them all

      I know the majority. I think i only never heard about killers

    • @HookingSwan Oh Killers is so cool! Basically he is a secret agent and she doesn't know and then she's pregnant, it's funny and sweet! On that note, I really like Mr. and Mrs. Smith too!

      And yeah, we should definitely watch all of them!

  • A Rom-Com is always good to chill with a blanket : D
    Just choose any haha, there are already good sugestions here.

  • Rom-Coms! Why wasn't i invited!

    • I deeply apologize Queen Apple

      It was a last minute date :D

      We can have a threeway though, I think.

      No, @asker?

    • @HookingSwan Oh of course!! We are deeply sorry not to invite you, it was very short notice, but please, come join!! :D

    • Oh what I know the perfect romantic movie!

  • I would pick Lord Of The Rings

  • Watching games?

    • Movie! I am so sorry!! It's late, okay? :)

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    • :)
      You're quite welcome!

    • It's a possibility :D

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