A girl or a boy for new Disney film?

So in 2018, disney has a new animated feature in its way, fitting into the line of Tangled and Frozen, called Gigantic. It's a new take on Jack and the Beanstalk. However, when Jack goes up the stalk, he is confronted by a 60ft 11 year old girl name Inma, who thinks he's a toy and wants to keep him. The two become a duo and help each other in a new land, normal to her but gigantic to him. So, a reporter I saw doing a introduction to this suggested that maybe a little girl isn't the best idea for Disney to use to befriend a small man (even though music from the creators of Frozen will probably try to make hits target to girls). Perhaps a giant boy would be better? In your thoughts, do u think if an average teen/adult person was, say miniturized, would it be better if they were discovered by same sex younger giants, like girl finds woman's or boy finds man, or it doesn't matter? I think Disney puts out great productions and it'll be popular and just fine.
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I kinda liked the idea so far as an animated feature. .
It should be a fun film


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  • I would go not a child for giant - Someone same age as Jack

  • I would say girl

  • Should Be A Girl :)


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