How would you react if you saw weed in your daughters room?

if your daughter is smart, has a mood disorder, is in one of the best uni of the country, but you found weed in her room. how would you react?


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  • I wouldn't be happy not so much about the weed but the fact she got it - Who knows how she got it or who she is hanging around with to get some. I don't know an awful lot about weed but at the end of the day they are illegal drugs where I am from, Also I wouldn't be happy about using drugs or drinking etc at such a young age, I think 21 is a good age limit.


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  • Take it and get rid of it. No daughter of mine is going to do drugs.


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  • I would be more than upset. I would sit down with her and have a very long talk with her. I do not think marijuana is bad but it is most certainly not good for you until your brain has fully developed. At the age of 25 or so is a much safer time to use it but I would also hope she chose to not use it as a crutch in life.


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