Is "The Hunger Games" just a sci-if remake of the Spartacus story?

-Both are about oppressed slave populations crushed under the heel of Roman (or Roman-style) governments (with the despots in "Hunger Games" having Latin names).
-Both slave populations served a great city that was the Pinnacle of their empire.
-Both governments ran 13 districts (with Rome having 13 at the time of the Spartacus revolt).
-In real life, Spartacus and thousands of others were forced to fight to the death in gladiatorial games. In Hunger Games, Katniss and other tributes are forced to fight to the death in yearly gladiatorial games.
-Both slave populations revolted against their masters.
-Both Katniss and Spartacus were gladiators whom became the leaders of their respective rebellions.
-Both uprisings were populist revolts.
-Both uprisings crippled the power of their respective governments, with their soldiers declared as mythological freedom fighters.

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  • I myself like to only think of the Hunger Games as a dystopian novel, but yes I noticed many similarities between these two while reading the trilogy. Especially, like what you said in the description, the role the Districts play. Katniss soon becomes the leader of the rebellion for say and soon what she says goes. If she demands an attack the lost District 13 follows (Mockingjay specifically is the hugest spin-off of Spartacus's offenses).

  • There are some mild similarities, but I don't think the directors of Hunger Games had that in mind.

  • haha I don't know


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