What have you done on Fallout 4? SPOILERS?

How have you played your current or first character? No restrictions on spoilers. What about it had consumed you the most? If at all?
I glitched Preston Garvey somehow on my first character so after finishing with the railroad I restarted immediately, after finding out the game goes past level 50. I wanted to see what Preston does when not glitched and inactive. This time I'm playing as the mother like Darth Vader. Murder everything for Shaun. Still haven't seen what choices it leaves me with. Started with 10 agility and love playing like a melee/silenced pistol ninja.


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  • I have almost exclusively followed the main story. After rescuing Preston I went straight to Diamond City ignoring everything else, and from there went directly to the subway to rescue Valentine, and from there to confront Kellogg.

    The only other things I've done is Vault 81, and one of the sidequests (with Bobby De Luca) is bugged and that pissed me off enough that I stopped playing until they release some patches.

    Honestly, the game has failed to grab me in any meaningful sense. I loved the first three games, New Vegas took me a while to get into, and 4 just feels kinda lifeless. The game world looks amazing, but it's not alive enough.

    • Jeez you needa do some of the side missions! Like rescuing/defending farms. Making artillery camps. Play superhero in good neighbor.

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    • Hah sounds like you're already hard to please. I liked how lots of things seemed interconnected and you could turn up interesting finds by reading random stuff. But I guess if you just don't like it the games not for you.

    • It's not the same Fallout that completely consumed my life in 1996 and 1998. Fallout 3 was great in being able to see all this up close and personal, but that novelty has worn off and the underlying game feels very simple. There's very little new here, and very little interesting or surprising. Part of what made Fallout 2 so great was the variety of settlements and situations. What is Diamond City but yet another walled (pardon the pun) enclave that looks exactly like Megaton but with Rivet City's guards?

      The only thing that actually excited me so far was Vault 81, seeing a Vault that was actually successful and remained secure. I am dreading yet another encounter with snooty Brotherhood soldiers, annoying raiders and oh look - now enemies can spawn out of the ground. How the hell do mole rats tunnel up through dirt if it's actually a metal catwalk?

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  • SPOULERS kind of. Let me just say do not make the railroad your enemy until you've done enough missions for them and get the "ballistic weave" upgrade. This lets you put armor on clothes and hats of 110 balisitc and energy protection

    • Holy balls I didn't know this! I finished with them on my first good guy and never got ballistic weave! Maybe in another character.

  • Haven't got round to playing 4 yet. I did play New Vegas many many years ago and it was probably the best rpg experience I have ever had. Look forward to playing 4 when I have time.

  • Nothing yet. I'll keep you posted, though!

  • too busy with xenoblade x


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