Should I unsubscribe this youtuber for criticising me? Need help?

I subscribed to a youtuber few months ago who only have 2 thousand subscribers. When I watch her videos yesterday, I noticed she's very skinny and underweight, so I thought: she's just like one of those girls that tries to avoid eating food to look skinny and they turn out to have health issues. I didn't know she have fast metabolism, so I told her "Being skinny (underweight) isn't beautiful, eat healthy and be healthy is perfect", I said it because I noticed a lot of girls skip meal to look skinny and I care about her health and don't want her to suffer.

She came out criticising me, and said f**k you. She said I'm trying to offend her by saying she's unhealthy because she's skinny. Which I didn't mean it that way. The problem is I didn't know she have fast metabolism and struggling to gain weight. All she can do is to tell me, so I can apologise for my mistake. But her actions have gone way too far, she said things that turn a fan into hater.

Also today, I find out she screenshot my comment and post it on twitter. And she said that I was being ignorant and call her unhealthy because she's underweight. And of course I was being ignorant, Instead of helping me understand her feelings. She attacked me


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  • Meh, if you want to. It won't make much of a difference to her. I mean, you were out of line with what you said, so she won't really give a shit if you unsubscribe or not. If it would make you feel better to do so, you should.

    • I wasn't out of the line, she's just a big drama queen and assuming things

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    • Great! I am taking the blame just for warning her, I knew your advice isn't helping.

    • I told you that she won't care if you unsubscribe so if it makes you feel better, do it. Don't ask for advice then whine about it.

What Guys Said 2

  • A few things.
    1- A fast metabolism isn't a feeling
    2- Women are always self conscious/easily offended by their weight
    3- You're whining like a bitch, you offended her, she retorted, and now you sound like a hurt bitch.

    The next time you take a piss, Im gonna need you to realize that you pee standing up, so man tf up and get over it. You subbed because you liked her vids, a nd the quality of those vids didn't drop because of your feelings. Be a freakin adult here.

    • bad advice, not help. Don't try to make it my fault although she attacked me first

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    • I'm kind of upset because no youtubers would attack their fans for misunderstanding. All they do is correct them. But she had gone way to far. And I'm here looking for help how to deal with her

    • Do what you want, unsubbing won't bother her any, but if thats what it takes to mend your fwail wittle emotions, do it.

  • Ok I don't know how YouTube works maybe post a comment with an apology about not knowing about her fast metabolism, see how she reacts if she is still aggressive, cut her loose.


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