Fuck, my man Lemmy Kilmister just died. Where are Motorhead's fans on here?

I know he lived a long and very fun life fronting the legendary Motorhead for over 3 decades. What are your favorite records from this great band?
It's hard to top "Ace Of Spades"

He's among the last of the real 'sex, drugs and rocknroll' and he will be missed.

Salute to you Lemmy


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  • He's really lucky he managed to live for 70 years actually... someone who abuses alcohol and drugs wouldn't surpass 40 easily...

    I'm not a fan of metal or hard-rock but I admire such people... wish I could consume as much alcohol/drugs as they do and hit 70...

    R. I. P. anyway...

    • Gosh noticed he's British... I thought he was American tbh...

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    • oh yeah, forgot about lou. another great one.

    • george clinton is one of the few who is still doing the same insane stuff. i went to a p-funk concert a few years ago. guys were freebasing on stage.

      keith still drinks a ton (like probably is a functioning alcoholic) but aside from weed cut out most other drugs. I tend to think Iggy still uses but don't know

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  • not a huge motorhead fan but i respected them and liked some of their music. I loved Lemmy though, he was the man, a real rocker, but also smart and insightful. This was really sad to hear.

    • lemmy was a real bad ass. he was a roadie for hendrix back in the 60's too, used to get jimi his lsd, now that's a story in itself.

    • yeah george clinton is still doing a few things lol, at this point who's going to stop him anyway. i was listening to someone talk about keith richards, he said he doesn't get high hardly anymore. all he smokes and drinks just keeps him functioning more or less, his tolerance levels are off the charts.

    • i know he smokes pot a good deal. especially on tour. saw them over the summer and he probably smoked about 2 or 3 joints during the 3 hour show.

  • Yeah sad I grew up around that era when they were the metal gods (RIP)

  • I cry 😢😢😢😢

  • I like ace of spades and orgasmatrom

  • I love his version of God Save the Queen, it's better than the Sex Pistols version. R. I. P Lemmy!

    • yes, motorhead tore that up. the pistols were good but couldn't compare.

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