I call bullshit?

This is for anyone who has watched Gotham the tv series.
And who's watched it until season 2 episode 11
Before then
Then don't read
Because spoilers
But did anyone else loose intrest of season two after jerome got killed or is that me? Literally he was there for three episodes
Gets killed
I instantly said fuck watching the rest of the season (I did watch it only for bae #2 penguin)
But like damn just pissed me off that the producers wanted the joker to copy jerome. Because they said jerome influences the real joker so that just makes the joker unoriginal and a copy cat and I won't accept that.


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  • Never seen it, but that sounds ridiculous stupid. I didn't like the idea that cat woman and Bruce Wayne were childhood friends somehow. The show isn't batman material to me at all. I would believe they did something so stupid like suggesting the joker is a copycat. Another reason I'll never watch the series. I liked the flash TV show so much more just cause it plays directly from the flashpoint storyline events.

    • Lol I hate batman and superheroes in general hence why peiole said to watch Gotham. The story line is intresting to be fair and the transition on how the riddler and penguin became villains is sooooo intresting. But the fact they suggested joker is a copy cat of some teen is eh. Because jerome (joker as I thought) is 18 whI le Bruce is around 15 here so makes sense if he q's the joker But nooo.

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    • Fetuses...
      I wish I knew how to embed pictures.


    • It worked!

  • This is a main reason why I don't watch Gotham; they're changing too much of the batman mythos.


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