Who is the most popular actor in the world?


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  • based on Q scores. Which are scientific algorithm used to determine a person's popularity. they take into account the amount of money a person earns, the recognizability, how much money or ratings their tv shows or movies get, and other things

    jim parsons and Melissa McCarthy are the most popular tv actors
    Jennifer Lawrence and Robert Downey Jr. are the most popular film actors

    based on Q scores Bill Cosby is the least popular television personality

    • I don't think lawrence is more popular than jolie and I don't think robert is more popular than johnny depp.

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    • the avengers and iron man have pushed him into another level. i think if dicaprio did more mainstream movies he'd be higher up. rdj does very mainstream movies which have made billions in the last decade whereas dicaprio, pitt, clooney, and others have kind of gone the way of doing more niche work

    • but i'd bet a lot of money that dicaprio in the 90s after romeo and juliet and titanic was the one of those top actors in terms of popularity

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  • Leonardo dicaprio
    Johnny Depp
    Shahrukh khan
    Robert Downey Jr
    Jackie chan


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  • Angelina Jolie

    Johnny Deep

  • Tom Cruise


  • Maybe it is an indian one. I haven't watched a bollywood movie. But I have heard of Aamir Khan and Shahrukh khan


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