Which Batman movie was the best?

Poll excludes animated movies and Adam West version but you can vote for those in comments if you wish
  • Batman (Michael Keaton)
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  • Batman Returns
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  • Batman Forever
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  • Batman and Robin
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  • Batman Begins
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  • The Dark Knight
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  • The Dark Knight Rises
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  • It's kinda hard for me to choose among Nolan's trilogy. I adore all of them for the elements of gritty realism they added to the Batman 'verse and the way they touched upon current real-world issues (e. g. domestic terrorism, manipulation of the masses through fear and ignorance, the moral dilemma exemplified by Nietzsche's abyss). If I REALLy had to settle on one, then TDK would probably beat TDKR by a hair, and only because of the ferry scene.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I'd go with The Dark Knight. Heath Ledger was brilliant as the Joker.


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  • Definitely Nolan's ENTIRE rebooted trilogy.

    And the Joker pretty much stole the entire show for The Dark Knight. Because this version of Joker is a very unique kind of villain because he is a villain that is NOT motivated for any kind of material gain or position, power or advantage gain BUT Rather instead he wants to cause as much death, destruction and chaos as possible All just to ultimately make his point that even the best of people/humans are still corruptible regardless. Now that is something I don't see commonly in most heroes/superheroes movies or stories which made it a quite an unique and very memorable experience.

    Heath Ledger had done an outstanding performance of this version of The Joker, too bad he had passed away 😢 😢

    I also remember watching Batman get totally destroyed by Bane in a 1 on 1 fight in Dark Knight Rises.

    It also helped erase my memories of watching Batman and Robin which is arguably the WORST Batman film as of today. It was laughably terrible, even Arnold Schwarzenegger couldn't save it by playing Mr. Freeze.

  • The best batman film with actors I have seen is Batman Begins, because of how it shows the origins of Batman to a great standard. However the best Batman film I have ever seen must be Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, which is an animated film, but has the best portrayal of Batman I have ever seen, with outstanding animation and music compositions, as well as the great voice cast and fantastic story :)

  • Batman Returns was the best of all Batman movies in my opinion...


  • I personally liked Batman with Michael Keaton more. Especially Jack Nicholson as The Joker.

  • The dark knight was ghe best

  • Batman: under the red hood

  • I watched 2 of them, but dindt finish, too booring and over-rated.


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