Guys that know their way around a guita?

Hi guys

I bought a luna acoustic guitar recently and I was just wondering if anyone here has had experience with this type of guitar.
I had to order it so I haven't been able to play it yet

I'm going to change two gauges lighter in strings and install a bone nut and saddle since guitars need setting up properly out the box anyway

But basically if anyone has picked up a Luna acoustic what's it sound like? How's the action?
Do the strings buzz?

I didn't pay heaps for it so I don't expect something as good as a Martin or washburn but a starting reference would be good


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  • What's an action?

    Source: electric/acoustic guitar player for 6 years

    • The distance between the strings and frets

      If it's really close the guitar is easier to play

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    • Because I would stop that unless you change your strings every second time you play because it distorts the sound and stretches them to shit.

      And I'd suggest locking machine heads

    • I have a tremolo but pretty much never use it for that reason.

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