Has anyone played Emily is Away?

Has anyone played Emily is Away?Steam link : https://store.steampowered.com/app/417860/
Non Steam Link : https://kyleseeley23.itch.io/emilyisaway

Has anyone here played Emily is Away?
I discovered this game for free on steam and noticed its retro look.
I found it extremely relatable to a past dating experiance i have had and so far from anyone who i saw play the game on youtube they all found it incredibly relating.

If you ever had a long distance crush over the internet or have chatted a lot online with your crush you will probably find this very relatable as well. And otherwise its still a cool experiance to play.

So, has anyone played it? What did you think of this game?
  • I played it, it was very relatable!
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  • I played it, what fake nonsense this was.
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  • Haven't played it but ill check it out and post later!
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  • I am not interested in this game (or gaming in general)
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  • played it, got rejected thanks to chad, cried. would play again 10/10!


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  • I haven't even heard of it until now. I'm sure it's fun, but I just am not into gaming really.

    • This one you might want to give a shot. Even if your not into gaming you can still like it. Its not your typical gaming game.

  • Nope, I'm not into retro looking games.

    • Fair enough. Id preffer it to if they kept a more realistic non pixelated windows xp look. Its designed to take you back to those colledge AIM days so its kind of fitting. Iys not your typical retro arcade game.

    • I see, ok, sounds nice :)

  • This is a great game!

    • Glad you liked it :D.
      Did it bring up memories?

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