Could you pick a dream cast for any of these movies, and pick the right Director?

1. God of War movie
2. He-Man and the Masters of the universe
3. Mortal Kombat remake
4. Halo movie
5. Mass Effect Movie


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  • hmmm
    Halo movie would be awsome.
    Jen Taylor: Cortana Voice/ Original Voice
    Daisy Ridley: Cortana Body
    Steve Downes: Master Chief Voice/ Original Voice
    Hugh Jackman: Master Chief Body
    Jeremy Irons: Captian Keys
    Justis Bolding: Miranda Keyes/ Original Voice
    Keith David: Arbiter Voice/ Original Voice
    Eric Bana: Arbiter Body
    Dee Bradley Baker: Gravemind Voice/ Original Voice
    Terence Stamp: Voice and Body of Prophet Of Truth/ Original Voice
    Clint Eastwood: Voice and Body of Prophet of Regret
    Gary Oldman: Voice and Body of Prophet of Mercy
    Denzel Washington: Sgt. Johnson
    Brendan Fraser: 343 Guilty Spark Voice
    This would be to cover the first 3 games of course.

    • Hugh Jackman would be perfect :)
      All those are good choices!

    • thanks i actually had this list already made up on my computer.

    • I was having second thoughts though for the Cortana body cast member.
      Which do you think is better Jennifer Lawrence or Daisey Ridley.
      I am thinking of the body types. Daisey has a more model type body were Jennifer has the curves like Cortana.

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  • There was He-Man and the Masters of the Universe movie in the 80's... Dolph Lundgren was He-Man:

    Maybe they should make a remake, or perhaps... She-Ra the Princess of Power movie.
    I nominate Amber Heard as She-Ra ;)

    Mortal Kombat was fine, I'm not sure if they should make the remake so soon... but I would like to play the role of Raiden :P

    God Of War, hmm, I presume Vin Diesel would be an ideal actor for the role of Kratos.

    I think Steven Spielberg should be the Director of all of these movies :D

    • Yeah, 've seen that HE-Man a bunch of times lol

      I heard they were gonna make a new one one time, though.

    • That would be awesome :)

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