Eurodance Battle: Who's your favorite Eurodance Artist (Round XXXVII)?

little Suzy from here... although she's a Latin Freestyle Artist... I dunno y she's included here... but never mind I like her anyway... hahahaha...
  • Knez
    Vote A
  • Kobojsarna
    Vote B
  • L. A. Style
    Vote C
  • Lagoona
    Vote D
  • Amanda Lear
    Vote E
  • little Suzy
    Vote F
  • Livin' Joy
    Vote G
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Kobojsarna and Livin Joy won...


Most Helpful Girls

  • Meh, I vote for Knez, just because none of these artists are very famous...

    • little Suzy is famous among Latin freestyle fans... but in Latino communities mostly... not much in Europe..

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    • Haha... good try Johnny O, Collage or Stevie B :D

    • Thanks for the suggestions, I'll try :)

Most Helpful Guy

  • Kobojsarna, Swedish quality beats them all here.


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  • Mhm, Knez is our artist, from Montenegro, but his music is more like Pop, sometimes even Folk, or perhaps Disco at best, not actually Eurodance... that's why I'll vote for Kobojsarna...


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